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Tilen Krivec

Product & UX Designer, Growth & Inbound Marketing Specialist

Something of a jack-of-all-trades, I've always loved jumping into different projects & areas that interested me and in the process, got good at quickly acquiring new skills.

At 17 I've launched my first website (a cocktail recipes blog) and quickly got sucked into the design, marketing and technical aspects of creating experiences on the web.

At 20 I started freelancing for local and US based businesses, ending up doing a little bit of everything, from design and development, SEO, SMM, advertising, creating marketing funnels, email marketing, etc.

A bit over a year later, I've helped my brother build, launch and grow the fastest growing car audio company in Slovenia.

In 2013, at 23 years, I've used the skills I've learned in the previous projects to launch a company with my girlfriend, where we are testing different e-commerce product ideas, business and distribution models and scaling the ones that show promise.

Under the same business, we've also continued working with E-commerce businesses and advertising agencies, offering marketing, UX and web design services to them.

I love reading both fiction (Usually Sci-Fi) and non-fiction (Usually business) books, cooking (All things Asia) & playing hockey.

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Product Design

Inbound Marketing

UX Design

Project Management




Front End Development

Online Advertising

Work Experience

Jan 2013 Present



Own Product:

Helped launch multiple E-commerce companies, focusing on high-margin own-brand products, either via private labeling or personalizing the products for the clients. Did everything from product research, sourcing & logistics, branding & design, setting up the storefronts, user experience design, launch strategy, inbound marketing strategy & execution (SEO, SMM, email marketing), running fulfillment, seeing which product lines have a future and continuing growth on those while shutting down the ones that did not show as much promise.


Under 8Bit we are also running a web design, UX design, marketing & creative agency that offers services to E-commerce companies and advertising agencies.
Withcar.si - Slovenian car accessories company that wanted to start selling online as well. Built entire E-commerce solution, did SEO, site speed optimization, user experience optimization, conversion rate optimization, advertizing and retargeting, creating marketing materials.
Bsmart - Advertising agency, helped them as a conversion focused design consultant, B2B marketing consultant, helped with web design and advertising creative

We've now grown to 4, soon to be 5 people, working remotely accross 2 continents. We rely heavily on using tools to help us bridge the gap of not being in the same office at the same time, using Asana for project management, Slack for team communication, Google Drive & docs for syncing all our files, WorkingOn for team reporting and Skype for 1 on 1 meetings.

Jul 2011 Jan 2013



Helped launch the fastest growing car audio company in Slovenia, responsible for everything from initial site setup, site architecture, web design and development, designing and optimizing the user experience, technical SEO, site speed optimization, email marketing, content marketing,advertising, retargeting...

2010 Jul 2011


Marketing and Web Design Consultant

Working as a freelancer with US based small businesses, focusing on construction & landscaping service providers. Helped them with creating conversion focused websites, social presence, creating a marketing funnel for new leads, creating marketing materials, doing local SEO, helping with positioning, pricing, sales copy, creating simple video ads...

2008 2010

Liquid LAB & Liquid LAB Academy

Bartender & Trainer

Bartender at exclusive promotional events, helped start Liquid LAB Academy, focused on teaching mixology and flair bartending in Slovenia. Helped design curriculum, taught basic mixology class, ran social media for the academy before that was a cool thing :)

Formal Education


Faculty of Economics

University of Ljubljana

Joined because i wanted to learn more about building and growing companies with innovative methods of marketing and advertising, had a very similar experience than 1 year before that on Faculty of Computer and Information Science, where after a while i've realized this was not the place to learn the things that drew me to study here in the first place. As a result, i've dropped out about 6 months in and decided to find online resources and education, as well as starting to get some real-world experience in online marketing as a freelancer.


Faculty of Computer and Information Science

University of Ljubljana

Initially joined because i wanted to learn more about building websites and web apps, making them interactive, learn more about what powers them, how they work, etc. After about 6 months i've realized that i'm unlikely to learn the things that interest me there & that i can learn them on my own in 1/10 the time, so i've quit and continued learning on my own.

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