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Here's what I'm working on

I'm the founder of Blink Ecom - an Ecommerce aggregator where we are building DTC brands focused on the Beauty, Supplement & Food/Drink markets.

I also record the "Beyond the Ad Account" podcast where I go into how we are growing brands at Blink and what we are doing to make them viable, profitable, fast growing brands outside of the ad creative/media buying that most often gets all the attention. 

"Beyond the Ad Account" Podcast

Welcome to “Beyond the ad account” podcast, where we talk about things we learn and the struggles we have growing direct to consumer brands at Blink Ecom.
Building vs. Buying Ecommerce Brands - Why We Went the Long Route | Beyond the Ad Account Ep 1

Podcasts I was a guest on:

BIZNISIRANJE - Tilen Krivec - E-commerce, kriteriji za dobre ideje in hitro testiranje - Epizoda #5 (SLO)
ŠSDMS event - Facebook oglaševanje (SLO)