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Ecommerce growth expert & creative strategist.

I help grow ecommerce brands with performance focused approach to ad creatives and funnel design.

Powering profitable growth with new approaches to offer design, product development, novel ad creative strategy and detailed approach to reporting and attribution.
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List of 750+ DTC Brands with Active Advertising

If you need some creative inspiration or ideas, here is a list of 750+ DTC brands with active advertising, sorted into specific categories, with their URL-s and ad library links already added to it. Great way to get the creative juices flowing and come up with some of your own ideas!
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Grow your brand faster
How to structure your offers to get the highest value per user session? What steps are losing you visitors that you are driving to the site? What types of funnels can you use to more effectively convert cold traffic? How to set up your tracking so you have a clear and easy-to-understand overview of what is working and how much money it’s generating for your brand? 
All this and more to help your brand grow faster and more profitably.
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Improve your ad performance
How do you create ad creatives that drive conversions & capture the experience of using your product? How do you set up the processes to consistently create high quality ad creatives, get quantitative feedback from each iteration and adjust as needed to improve your performance? How do you create enough raw content to power your creative production? What kind of hooks and stories do you need to create, to efficiently communicate the impact your product will have on the persons life? Get in touch and lets build out your creative production processes for performance and profit.
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